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The official I hate PCs discussion

KrakKrak New
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Yes, this is it. The official I hate PCs (and for some, PC users) discussion. Post your bigotry here so it does not clutter up anymore posts. Seriously. I swear, if I see one more post go astray with rantings on Macs (or even PCs for that matter) I am going to... I don't even know, I have just had it. So please, post it here so those of us that wish, can just ignore it. I am sorry for the lack of a creative post. I am after all, a PC user. Beg your pardon. ---------------------------------------- Even though it says "official" this discussion in no way represents the views of Lussumo, or Mark. The term "official" is being used as a gag title, as a joke.


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    I don't discriminate. Love PC's *and* Mac's (sometimes both at the same time) nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more say no more.
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    Hey Krak, on the contrary, that was very creative of you!
    Are you sure you don't secretly have a Mac tucked away in the closet? pic

    Seriously though, I do apologise if my rants came across as "bigotry" that was not the intention.
    If you ever get to Melbourne I'll buy you a beer.
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    Hmm, I'm not a big PC fan.
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    I was at the Adobe Roadshow yesterday at the Casino Complex in Melbourne.

    They asked for a show-of hands and it was about 70% Mac and 30% Windows. I chatted to a couple of the PC users, (cute chicks I knew from previous training sessions) and they said they had no choice but to use a PC at work due to network and IT issues (bullsh*t) but they both had Macs at home.

    The InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop presenters used Mac OSX on a new dual-core Mac and they were a joy to watch and listen to. Lots of good information, great examples, tips, tricks, humorous anecdotes and entertaining banter.

    When the Dreamweaver guy got up and flicked over to his PC for the presentation it all went downhill in a laundry basket!
    He was dull, boring, geeky, fast-talking and extremely difficult to understand. Way too technical for his audience, many of them walked out discretely for an early afternoon tea break.

    I didn't, I was waiting for info about their plans for GoLive, which incidentally does not look good for the product, it barely got a mention. Although it does come with the CS 2.3 upgrade (...we want our users to have the choice...), so does a full version of Dreamweaver 8 and, judging by the sales pitch from the boring PC geek, Adobe are going to push it big time over GoLive.
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    Ah, perhaps this is the wrong thread to be posting in, but could it be that he was "way too technical for his audience" because as you mentioned, 70% were Mac users?
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    Maybe, tjlytle but 100% were designers, art directors and very non-technical creative people, at least that's how the seminar was advertised.

    There certainly were no heavy techie developer types there, it was made very clear that their sessions were next door in another auditorium.

    My point is the Mac oriented presenters were informative and entertaining and the "other" was dull, boring and off track.
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    edited November 2006
    Well thank god you have a dataset of four whole people, because for a second there I thought we were just flying blind.
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    That's 4 people on this particular day Bergamot but the pattern has been unvarying and predictable for many years.

    I'm not trying to convince anyone, it's no skin off my nose, anyone with an open mind analyzing the same data would come up with the same conclusion.

    Now I sound like Mr PC from the TV ad!

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    Mr PC is awesome. I love him.
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    I use a mac, had been using pc's forever until 3 months ago. now I'm 100% convert. but I don't like to preach mac to people, however I do silently giggle at all the shit laptops you people on trains with.
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    Right on adrian.!
    Hey it's not like I pull up people on the street and shove Mac brochures in their faces, but forums (actually the plural of forum is fora) like this are ideal because we have knowledgeable people taking part in discussions.

    Yes I watch people on the trains trying to manage the tiny trackpad on their PC laptop along with that stupid little red joystick thing stuck between the keys. Who but someone with a PC mentality would design something like that let alone get the go-ahead to put it into serious production! And who but PC drones would buy the thing and accept it as a useable device?

    Anyway, welcome to Mac brother, why don't you tell us what made you even 50% convert?

    Maybe my line would have more clout coming from a PC convert like yourself, go ahead, shout it from the hilltops!
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    NickENickE New
    edited November 2006
    You know, I have yet to hear a logical, justifiable, non-hypocryptical reason to switch to a mac admist all that mindless advertising (are you paid by apple, by the way?)
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    edited November 2006
    SirNot, you will hot hear unless you are prepared to listen.

    Better yet, try a Mac!

    (No I'm not paid by Apple, it would be nice though)
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    That's not a reason
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    those red joystick on pcs was invented by IBM. IBM refused to license the patent to other manufacturers. so other manufacturers invented their own version by going around the IBM patent. and ended up with a total crap design. thats why those red joysticks are so horrible. the initial design by IBM was actually quite good. Now those red joystick has earned a bad repo. my first experience for a mac was at my animation job. they had all macs. and that was the first time i had seen one or even heard of them. I thought it was all Pcs and nothing else existed. my boss was like don't worry u'll get the hang of them they are just like pcs (liar). that was then and now i'm a proud owner of a 20inch iMac with core 2 duo. AMEN SirNot, when u go to buy a car. u don't try the ones u like or heard of em from friends. I know i did. I tried the ones my friends recommended. test drove them and made a decision. How hard is that. Do u think my friends have to submit a portfolio about the cars they like and spend hrs trying to convince me, before i'll try it out. try a mac. if u don't like it, its ok. but atleast u gave it an honest shot. u tried a product and didn't like it. Thats how it should be. simple. people don't like change. thats why i hardly recommend macs to anyone. only to one who i know have the abillity to adapt and conform to change in their lives. others i leave them with whatever they are happy with.
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    NickENickE New
    edited November 2006
    Firstly, it's not like I haven't tried a mac; heck, a mac was the first family computer (yes, I know that was a long time ago, but my grandparents have an apple laptop which I use whenever I visit them). Secondly, I have nothing against apple computers, I just dislike it when apple fanboys start injustly attacking PCs. I have not switched to a mac (and probably will not by the looks of it) because a) my computer is plenty powerful enough for me as it is; b) being a home-built desktop it is easily upgradable; c) I like my OS (winxp) and programming with the Win32 API; d) apples are expensive and I have no need for a new computer. I will probably get a laptop someday in the future, but unless I see a real good reason for getting a mac (I don't like widescreens anyhow), chances are it's going to be an IBM/lenovo or a sony.
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    Why is it that someone who loves their mac is a fanboy, although the same person tauting windows is not? Interesting. Not just here, but that seems to be the case most everywhere.

    Me personally, I use Mac.

    Spyware? Nope...

    Viruses? There are a few, but nothing that requires something short of a complete idiot to make it actually work. Not to say OS X is invincible, but the odds are a fraction of a percent compared to a windows alternative.

    I prefer how the OS stays out of my way, and lets me get my work done. I don't need umpteen boxes popping up when my profile is created on a new machine, or whenever it feels like it.

    Intuitive interface, where its design implementation really had the end user in mind.

    No more blue screen of death, and reinstalling the OS a few times a year because it becomes slow and cluttered with all the useless garbage generated by the OS. (Not referring to personal files saved, and all the rat packing we all tend to do.)

    Install/restart... install/restart... Not in OS X.

    Running several programs just to be able to use the OS and connect online, without doing anything else... Nope.

    Stability is incredible on OS X, thanks to its Unix core.

    If I really need a windows program (I don't, but if I did), I can run bootcamp, parallels, or come 10.5... I'll just run it from OS X.

    To be perfectly honest, windows needs users. Let it remain the focus of viruses and spyware. I much prefer flying under the radar, and enjoying the experience. Of course, the laughs as I read notes or talk to friends with their problems on the other side of the fence has it's fun too.

    But, that's just me.

    As for cost, yes the initial purchase can be a little more than a PC. But what about total cost of ownership? In the long run, is that same PC actually cheaper?

    Over a 3 year span, what does that PC really cost?

    Annual anti-virus subscriptions, spyware program subscriptions, additional firewall subscription (if so chosen), etc. Also, what about you personal time for struggling with OS related problems due to viruses, reinstalls, or other OS induced problems? How much is your time worth?

    Those are all things to consider, along with the initial price tag. Sure you can get a "free" AV program, or spyware, but are they as good? Will they 100% be able to beat their paid counterparts?

    Sure, there are users out there who can run windows and not have too many problems. However, for every user that truly does have a clue, there's a thousand that are clueless and are plagued with problems. Worse yet, are the ones that "know what they're doing".

    For these users free AV and spyware protection is an unknown or untrusted source. On top of their initial purchase tag, they dump hundreds of dollars into additional programs, just to make the OS safer. All the while, it isn't a requirement for a Mac. Granted I wouldn't run any OS without anti-virus, but at least it isn't an absolute requirement on OS X.

    That may change in the future. It may not. A lot of windows viruses exist because of microsoft and their practices and dealings. Some exist just because there's people out there that are inherently "bad" people to begin with. Kind of like spammers, although somebody has to be clicking on that crap. But that's another topic all together.

    In the end, at least to me the choice is simple. However, it comes down to individual user decision. To each their own, or so they say.
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    edited November 2006
    Sirnot then i guess u start bashing the apple fanboys :) u have my approval as a mac user :) i tend to do that too. when one of em just goes on and on about this and that. Its very annoying.
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    Thunder said:Why is it that someone who loves their mac is a fanboy, although the same person tauting windows is not? Interesting. Not just here, but that seems to be the case most everywhere...

    Fanboy because they do not just say "Hey I got a Mac and I like it." Fanboys bash. I don't see anyone here that is preaching PCs, bashing on Macs and saying how bad and naughty Mac users are just because they use a Mac. Which is exactly what is going on here, and in many other discussions, thus is why I created this one.

    Again, for those that missed it - "Fanboys" remain loyal to their particular obsession, disregarding any factors that differ from their point of view. They are also typically hateful to the opposing brand or competition of their obession regardless of its merits or achievements.
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    Hey Krak, glad to see you are not totally ignoring this discussion. pic
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