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This discussion is related to the JQmedia addon.


  • For compatibility with the current JQuery extension, please can this be added after line 63? includeJQuery(); // call JQuery to ensure it's loaded first
  • wow, lot of people having problem with it. Now you know why this is a bad solution and why it should all be done via HtmlFormatter

    I guess instead of looking for I should just look for
    does anyone know of any potential security risk with using

    playlist.xml is a sample xml file thats all.

    btw who is updating this extension?
  • Think it was mini...
  • oh dear I seem to have lost youtube functionality again. I'm not sure if it was due to updating to vanilla 1.1.3 or updating jquery to v14-1.2.1 I've tried both the latest version of this and 0.5.1 (which fixed the trick last time). thanks edited: I have a theory thit it is connected to something in js folder - were there any big changes in there, I'm going to try restoring the js folder only from the previous version to see that fixes it.
  • Another small bug - it recognize files with ext. .mp3, but not a .MP3
  • I"m sorry to bump this but it's quite important to me/my community to get this one back in action so I'd really appreciate some suggestions of things I could try to resolve this and get it back in action to recap: it's dead since I upgraded vanilla thanks
  • updating to latest version of jquery will definetly break the extension.
    new version of jquery has made lot of changes to the core.
  • downgrading jquery and jqmedia back to their earlier versions but that doen't seem to have worked.

    Any idea how this can be resolved? Given that my website is based on promoting and sharing videos it's quite an important feature to me :(
  • whats ur address.
    give me the link to the thread with videos
  • here's one, but there are many others
  • i don't see jquery in ur head tag.
  • that's odd, they were both switched on I've resinstalled it just in case try again now
  • @bytte what ur website. all bbcode is eventually converted to a <a> tag, so it should work with anything. [a] tag isn't in bbcode u have to use [url] tag ur bbcode extension should convert a [youtube] tag to html.
  • My website is at I've tried using [youtube] tags, but it doesn't work. Also [url] or [a] doesn't do it. Thanks for getting back to my post!
  • that's MySchizoBuddy for you help thus far - I've tried adding the snippet of code above but still no joy.

    Let me get this straight though, includeJQuery(); should go between

    var mediaplayer = jqmediaPath.webRoot + 'extensions/JQMedia/mediaplayer.swf'; var embedParam = {

    in JQmedia.js

    is that correct?
    sorry I missed that before but i assumed it was in relation to the bbcode issue
  • hell no, problem is not in jqmedia. its in jquery extension. check the default.php of the jquery extension and add includeJQuery at the bottom of the whole code right before the ?> tag
  • yes!

    a very big thank you to you - amazing how one line of code (in the right place) can make all the difference.
  • My videos work but the mp3 player doesn't appear.

    embed width="200" height="20" pluginspage=" download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="/path/to/mp3/xxx" src="falseextensions/JQMedia/mediaplayer.swf" wmode="transparent"
    When I inspect it it apears as if the path of the src of the gets a "false" added in. HELP!
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