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Vanilla 2021.012 is now available



  • I too have just faced this issue with blank pages in both forum and panel. Through CSSEdit I could set the body visible again for the forum but not the panel so I've ended up setting the body visible in admin.css and style-compat.css.

    How'd you fix it?

  • I haven't yet, @faumfaum - preferred to just wait and see if a future release resolves it. I'm quite happy sticking with the older installation until these new builds are a bit more stable.

  • MrCaspanMrCaspan
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    @slon I believe I figured out the issue with the site showing but showing no content. Let me know if you are still having this issue. If you are having the issue that the Admin can see everything but other users cannot see anything

    Go look at my last post here


  • So I am facing the same CSS visability:hidden issue on the body as well. I was using my own template that used the boiler plate and I tried changing to any of the other themes with no luck. I have to navigate each page and use the inspector to remove the style form the body tag.

    Any ideas why there would even be a visability:hidden CSS on a body tag? I can override it using CSSEdit of course but would like to find the root cause of this. Any ideas where to start looking?

  • So I have found to offending CSS files

    Line 1235  of /applications/dashboard/design/navbar.css
    Line 980   of /applications/dashboard/design/style-compat.css
    Line 11637 of /applications/dashboard/design/admin.css

    If you change each one of those lines to visibility: visible it will fix the issue on the frontend and on the back end in the mobile version

    The question is why do these "visibility: hidden" exist there, is there a reason for it? And when I do a fresh install there are no issues with visibility only when I upgrade form 3.3

  • Just as an FYI when I change themes they all seem broken and I get this error in my php error log and I get stuck in a broken Theme that I cant change out of.

    [11-Aug-2021 01:02:58 UTC] PHP Warning:  Duplicate addon: keystone in /home/www/dev.site.com/library/Vanilla/AddonManager.php on line 405
    [11-Aug-2021 01:02:58 UTC] PHP Warning:  Duplicate addon: theme-boilerplate in /home/www/dev.site.com/library/Vanilla/AddonManager.php on line 405
    [11-Aug-2021 01:02:59 UTC] PHP Warning:  Duplicate addon: keystone in /home/www/dev.site.com/library/Vanilla/AddonManager.php on line 405
    [11-Aug-2021 01:02:59 UTC] PHP Warning:  Duplicate addon: theme-boilerplate in /home/www/dev.site.com/library/Vanilla/AddonManager.php on line 405
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    also i tried fresh install with docker and got the error i reported here already. is there a known workaround?


    thank you for your help

  • I made some corrective actions directly in DB so it seems pretty stable... for now

    @MrCaspan thanks for all the effort!

  • @slon I would double check that your DB is returning INT values properly just to fix any unknown issues later.

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    So the upgrade guide is now only available if you are a paying customer?


  • KasparKaspar Moderator

    Actually not, just thought I saw content due to being logged in.

    Tested without, still see content

  • I want to start a new project, but Vanilla is still in beta. Release 4.0 possible in autumn 2021?

  • @Patrick_Jefferson what's your question about the 2021.012 update?

  • As far as I understand this is a topic about all releases. I'm just interested in when approximately 4.0 will be released. Sorry if I offended you, I i`m studying english now.

  • This discussion is about the 2021.012 release and any issues with it. You might want to start your own discussion to ask this question.

  • My bad, for some reason chrome was throwing up on that particular page for me. Good from other browsers,

  • Why is 2021.012 available just now but looking at releases it seems that 2021.015 is release to enterprise customers

    Is there a reason why the public release is behind these other releases?

  • KasparKaspar Moderator

    Perhaps due to hot- /bugfixes.

    2021.016 have released too

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