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Feedback Issues Questions for Galleries Plugin

This discussion is related to the Galleries addon.


  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    @Orophen said:
    The latest one in the repository says version 1.3 on July 9.

    same version as here.

  • @vrijvlinder said:
    You need to set permissions in the dashboard to upload. You need to set permission in the dashboard to upload, you need to set permissions in the dashboard to upload.
    You need to set permissions in the dashboard to upload.

    I have said this a million times already and the same goes with any upload form , You need to set permissions to upload.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding in the matter.

    I'm trying to run the thing from a forum.xxx.com subdomain. Which isn't working out too well. Yes I did have permissions set up, but for some reason it was being ignored. Now at least I can get past the first url. Yes I edited all the paths. But it still isn't working in the way that it should. After uploading an image, there doesn't seem to be a way to upload another image or edit or delete images. It only gives me the option to create a new album. Unless I manually type in the url as a subdirectory. Even then, it's buggy for me and the images don't show, although I've combed through all the obvious paths and tried the gallery.php file you supplied for those who run through root.

    So now I'm currently trying to figure out what to change in your code to get it spit out the proper paths and to get the View or Upload More Pictures button to take me to the right place.

    This IS my first time using vanilla. It's been a long time since I've had anything to do with forum software and even then I didn't have to do worry about this sort of thing. So you'll have to forgive me if I'm overlooking something obvious here.

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited July 2013

    I believe in your case you need to use the gallery.php I made for installations in the root.


    Just replace this one instead of the one you have. This has been tested on root install, means www.forum.com/
    I think the same applies to forum.yoursite.com/

    The way this version for root install works is the link to the upload (view or upload more pics from) is gallery/gallery/album

    because the way I made it to work with forum in subdirectory, so the normal, one would be forum/gallery/album, since there is no subdirectory in the root, you need to add a virtual path.

    What I did was add gallery/gallery/album instead of just gallery/album.

    I know it's not elegant to do it this way but this is what works for installs in the root.

    You can see an example of an install of Galleries in the root here


  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited July 2013

    I also discovered that you can name the second gallery in gallery/gallery anything you want, like uploadmanager .Or anything , the point is it creates a virtual place for the upload form to show for that album.

    if you can replace that with this it might work better

    echo '<div class="clr"></div><div class="linkBar"><a class="Button" href="/gallery/1/'.$title.'">View or Upload More Pictures From '.$title.'</a></div>
  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited July 2013


    Here is an updated version of the gallery.php please let me know if this works for you...

  • Looks like it's currently working properly with the newer version of gallery.php you put up. Thanks for the assistance.

  • phreakphreak Vanilla*APP (White Label) & Vanilla*Skins Shop MVP
    edited July 2013

    @vrijvlinder: Come cool and get less offensive! I was just offering help and didn't ask for it, neither do i create trouble. Tsts...

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  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited July 2013

    @phreak said:
    vrijvlinder: I was just offering help

    and she was saying if think you offer help by saying ."i also encountered troubles when testing, but didn't go into depth" ,

    • it doesn't provide much help if it is indeed a problem, nor can anyone offer a solution
      • if there is not more detail and it derails the discussion,
        • and it tends to get frustrating to get responses like that, especially when you are trying to help someone else, who has provided info.

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Yea @phreak , I am not offensive, get real and use the gallery.php I posted here and which was tested by unbiased user and it worked... So replace that file in your galleries plugin in your forum and let me know if that works for you...

  • @vrijvlinder said:
    and you want the link to be? if you installed in the root change all the ones in links that say forum with a slash, I made one for people with install in the root


    please replace that gallery.php with this one if your install is in the root.

    Hi There, I've been away so not looked recently. I've download the new version 1.3 and put it in and still get the same error.

    My forum is at (my URL)/forum/ so it is not in root. On the server it is in /var/www/forum/

    When I create a gallery it works. When I click on "View or Upload More Pictures...." it tries to access (my URL)/forum/gallery/(Gallery Name) which does not exist.

    Thanks for your help and support,



  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    If your Forum is not in the root and is in a subdirectory called forum then it should work as is.
    The extra gallery.php I made is only for root installs. If you use that and it is not in the root it will not work. You need to use the one that comes in the download of the plugin.

    I need a link to the install to see what is going on.

  • hgtonighthgtonight ∞ · New Moderator

    @vrijvlinder, you should be able to use one file for both and just figure out the webroot through the script.

    Search first

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  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Maybe I should have this plugin deleted from the add ons section since it seems to be too much trouble for people to read instructions.

    No it does not work with one it's either one or the other.

    And I am getting tired of people suggesting that but not doing anything to make it so... If you think it should then you are free to modify it or fix it and share it here...

    That is how the original Picture Gallery plugin was. Only one way, it only worked only in the root ...I had to change things so it worked in subfolder .....Now I figured out how to make it work for both but it needs a different gallery.php that is all.

    If you think you can make it work better , go ahead please....

  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited August 2013


    Maybe I should have this plugin deleted from the add ons section since it seems to be too much trouble for people to read instructions.

    you should have realized that few people read instructions, search the forum before asking a question, or display the version number of vanilla. Welcome to the Community.

    if you spoon feed, maturation takes much longer, and leads to exasperation.

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    I can understand it can be confusing to some people, but this has worked for me and others and now also for root installs after some diligence helping someone else.
    I proved over and over that following the instructions works.

    If someone wants help to get it to work they need to stick with me on the instructions, and not come in sporadically to say it still has not worked.

    People just don't pay attention, that is not my fault....

    I welcome anyone capable of making this work any better than it does. No, I dare anyone capable of making this work any better than it does.

  • Hi there vrivlinder My URL is http://www.learningdomain.co.uk/forum/
    As I say the gallery seems to want to go to an odd URL when you try to view a gallery.

    I'd be grateful for some advice as I think I followed all the instructions carefully.



  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Which one did you use ? Please** only use the one with the download** if your forum is in a subdirectory called forum.

  • Hi There, I used the one in the download button from the download page. http://vanillaforums.org/addon/galleries-plugin I've not changed anything just simply installed it into the plugins folder as per instructions.

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Well there is not much I can do looking at a 404 but you could zip your copy of the plugin so I can check it out myself. If your forum is called forum there is nothing you would need to change from the download version.

  • Hi, I have installed this gallery a week after you released it. Works well and had never problems. I have been looking for a gallery plugin for a long time. Thanks. I have one request however. I would like to limit the file size of the files that are uploaded say to less than 100k. How can I change the galery.php code to do this? Thanks in advance

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