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Hi all,

In the last weeks I sat down to put together an update for my VanillaSkins shop:

Basically, you'll find a few paid and free plugins as well as themes and visually appealing badges sets for YAGA - if you feel like to enhance and beautify your community.

So the things VanillaSkins offers are:

  • Plugins (Free and Paid)
  • Themes
  • Graphics

In the advent of a lot of new Vanillaforums updates (thanks to the team!), the big amount of abandoned addons and the not so well established OS ecosystem I decided to give VanillaSkins some love. It is a small but useful shop for designers, community managers and newbies who are not skilled developers in the Vanilla world.

I did this because currently, the network for newcomers to Vanillaforums OS is a little thin. Having worked with Open Source software for over 20 years, I think that every additional offer that supports the scene around a specific software is important.

The generated revenue will go directly into the development of new plugins - or what I call "missing mandatories" - that Vanillaforums does not yet provide. That way, @Bleistivt and I put together a cool and "working" gallery extensions with masonry and lightbox effects, created some GDPR relevant plugins that were not available yet for Vanillaforums and more.

You can also follow updates on Facebook.

All the best,


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  • VanillaSkins | Plugins, Themes, Graphics and Custom Development for Vanilla


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