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Vanilla 2.1 stable released

LincLinc Director of DevelopmentDetroit Vanilla Staff
edited May 2014 in Releases

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce the immediately availability of the Vanilla 2.1 stable release. Vanilla 2.1 represents a huge leap forward for our open source product.

If you are on our cloud platform, please note you already have all the enhancements in 2.1 (and have for quite a while) so you don't need to do anything - this announcement does not apply to you.

I want to thank our community members here for their unwavering support over the last several years. The issues filed, pull requests sent, and questions answered are invaluable and we truly appreciate it. The last year has definitely seen an increase in community participation in the product and that's very exciting.

Download Vanilla 2.1 Stable

Upgrade instructions

To upgrade from 2.0.18 (any patch level)

  1. Test your 2.0 theme and plugins against 2.1 on a separate install somewhere safe. Your theme will almost undoubtedly need revisions. Please report issues you find in plugins.
  2. Backup your database and conf/config.php file.
  3. Copy all 2.1 files over your 2.0 install
  4. Delete the files /themes/mobile/views/discussions/helper_functions.php AND /applications/dashboard/views/default.master.php (not default.master.tpl which should also be in that folder)
  5. Delete the value $Configuration['Vanilla']['Views']['Denormalize'] = TRUE; from /conf/config.php if it is present, unless you are knowingly running memcached and have configured it. If that value is not in your config, you have nothing to do and may continue.
  6. Run /index.php?p=/utility/update to update the database. It may take a while. If it fails, run it again. It picks up where it left off if it doesn't complete due to a timeout.

Troubleshooting Tips

These are some generic tips for addressing problems during an upgrade.

  • Set $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE; in your conf/config.php to reveal full error messages. Remember to remove it when you are done.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, then restart your browser.
  • Clear *.ini files from the cache folder.
  • Revert to the default theme. You can do this manually in conf/config.php by setting the $Configuration['Garden']['Theme'] value to default.
  • Disable plugins. If you cannot get to your Dashboard, you can manually delete lines containing EnabledPlugins in conf/config.php but do not remove HTMLawed's line.
  • Try running /utility/update again (see upgrade instructions).
  • Verify your permissions are correct for every role. Then go to /role/defaultroles and confirm your default roles are set correctly.
  • Start a new discussion on this site with your version number (likely 2.1 if you're reading this), the exact error message you got, and what you were doing when you got it.

What's changed?

Too much to list effectively. The 2.0 branch had 4,615 code commits. The 2.1 branch now sits at 8,639. That means we made nearly as many changes from 2.0.18 to 2.1 as we made cumulatively from the first 2.0 alpha build thru the 16 rapid 2.0-branch stable releases over three years. I cannot hope to distill down a list of 4000 changes into a comprehensive summary, especially given the amount of time elapsed. So the short answer to "Did X change at all?" is "yes". There's no such thing as a selective upgrade this time around.

Here's a broad overview of what we did:

  • Rebooted the default theme to be easier to customize with fewer colors & rules and lower specificity in CSS
  • Switched to Smarty by default and added more helper functions
  • Improved the HTML structure of the entire site and made it easier for plugin developers to hook into common events
  • Added new Homepage & Banner options in the Dashboard
  • Added pluggable Social Integrations into core
  • Made it easier to do translations in more languages by re-architecting our activity stream & notifications
  • Replaced tabbed navigation structure
  • Redesigned Profiles for easier naviation & theming & plugin hooking
  • Simplified permissions
  • Added the "MeModule" for simplified navigation (your avatar, name, and glyph links that appears in the sidebar by default)

2.1 is the revision that got away from us, and so this upgrade will be a little more painful than past ones. We've learned from the pain of getting this release out the door and have revised our strategies accordingly.

What do forum owners need to change?

  • Test all plugins you're using before upgrading.
  • Any core hacks in 2.0 should be ditched (and, ideally, not recreated).
  • Rebuild your theme against 2.1 if you made any significant customizations. If you customized views, definitely delete them and get the new ones.
  • Abandon these plugins if you haven't yet:
    • ProxyConnect has been replaced by jsConnect.
    • <Embed> has been replaced by the Embed Forum option now in core.

Those plugins will all be disappearing in the next version. We recommend deleting them from your server entirely.

What's next?

We're going to let 2.1 percolate for a few months and release the inevitable patches as it reaches more and more folks. That should keep everyone busy thru the summer. Patches will use the third decimal (2.1.1, then 2.1.2, etc). We've abandoned using a fourth decimal for releases.

Our next major open source release will be 2.3 (we've changed our versioning scheme; see the new README) and we expect to begin that beta cycle by the end of the year. We're already more than a thousand commits beyond 2.1.

We will continue to support 2.0 with security patches thru the end of 2014. After that we shall bid it an overdue farewell.



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